In 2008, GEO established "RENEWABLE ENERGY" Department in accordance with its 5-year strategic plan.


As a state of the art technology, Adsorption Chiller Technology is one of the best solutions to minimize energy consumption from many facilities such as Power plants, Industrial Plants, Geothermal Plants, Tourism Facility, Hospitals, and Airports by generating cold water by reusing waste heat.

Namely, water is utilized as refrigerant, no Freon, no Li-Br, no ammonium. In other words, no problems are encountered related to any hazardous leaks or corrosion, and the device doesn’t require any chemical testing or replacement.


Chilling Capacity: 60 KW - 1.400 KW

Usage of Surplus Heat from 50 - 95 °C

Supplies 3 °C chilled water

Constant operation – 24 hours / 7 days a week

Produces cold water in 7 minutes.

Uses Silica Gel, instead of li-Br, Freon or Ammonium

Main working principle is natural heat cycle instead of compressor.

Can produce cold water even with low temperatures(50C hot water inlet)

Service life 20-30 years 


GEO specializes in design and installations of cogeneration, trigen, and power plants particularly natural gas fired ones.


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